When you train with Beast Coast Performance, you’re joining a family of individuals working to improve their bodies and minds through a positive physical practice. Here is what some BCP Family members have to say about their experiences!

Lauren B., Winchester, VA

I started working with Garrett about eight months ago. I reached out to him due to his experience and passion for working with the tactical population. I started the onboarding process with fire and rescue and wanted to improve my muscular strength and endurance as well as my cardiovascular endurance before beginning the rigorous training involved in recruit school. After discussing more specific goals that I had in mind for my training, he created a program that worked well with my lifestyle and time constraints. As an active person, exercise was not new to me, but the focused and intentional programming was exactly what I needed to see the results I was looking for. He kept in touch regularly to see how I was doing overall, how my energy and stress levels were, and modified programming as needed to avoid overtraining and burnout. He was also great with modifying as needed around previous injuries. Since starting with Garrett, I have added 4.6 pounds of muscle, while losing 5.7 pounds of fat, and feel much stronger and more prepared for the start of recruit school. I cannot recommend Garrett highly enough to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their fitness.

Lauren G., Leesburg, VA

As a personal trainer myself, I can objectively say that Garrett is one of the best. I chose to work with him because, after having had my third child, I didn’t want to have to think about my workout. I knew that his exercise programming would be thoughtfully created with my goals, equipment, and time in mind. My priorities were to be strong for my work in the garden flipping compost piles, to get my butt back since having children sucks it out of me, and doing multiple pull ups in a row. I am happy with my results after working with Garrett for the last few months. He was responsive to any changes I wished to make and was always available if I had questions. If you are willing to put in the effort to complete the workouts, I would absolutely recommend Garrett to friends and family.

Jonathan G., Cincinnati, OH

To put it simply, Mr. Perrella is the only reason I ever took an interest in personal fitness or nutrition. From our first few forays into our university fitness center to him giving advice on both pre and post workout supplements, Garrett Perrella has been a ever reliable source of encouragement, information, and inspiration. It was thanks to him that I have taken an interest in my own physical health, and as a result have built muscle and lost 30 lb. of fat, and I continue to see improvements every week, all while having him to rely on for advice and motivation.

Haley D., Baltimore, MD

I started out very unhappy. The day I first contacted Garrett about programming I actually told my training partner “I don’t want to lift anymore. I don’t know what to do”. Injuries and depression had made it difficult for me to maintain a consistent level of training, and my lack of progress had compounded that.

The first week, we tested my maxes. I squatted 225×3, benched 145×3, and clean pulled 135×3 (I think it was a triple? But maybe it was 5?). My technique, particularly in squat and bench, was erratic and I struggled with low back pain.

Throughout the course of the three months that I worked with Garrett, his programming was tough but doable. Practicing the lifts so often gave me a sense of consistency and ability. I looked forward to going to the gym every day. Garrett checked in with me on a regular basis, adjusting the program as needed and helping me with form, technique, and mental strength.

In the final weeks of the program, I squatted 225×8…a pretty dramatic improvement from the first week! I ended up squatting 265 (a 20lb PR), benching 170lb (a 10lb PR), and deadlifting 315 after rarely deadlifting at all for three months. The technique on my lifts has improved dramatically.

The biggest improvement, although it sounds cheesy, has been in my mental strength. Struggling with depression and anxiety, although I regularly speak with a therapist and take medication, has often made it difficult to have confidence in myself and my fitness level. Garrett’s calm and patient approach, along with his extensive knowledge base, allowed me to build mental strength and confidence. I now look forward to training and am excited to build on the base that we have created in the past three months.